Star Burned

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the last 3 sequels to Pixar films (Cars 2, Monsters U, Finding Dory) have all followed the strangely specific formula of making the ‘sidekick’ of the first film the main character in the second

so now we have The Incredibles 2 coming out and if their track record is to be continued, I think we all know who is going to be the primary focus of the movie


the whole movie will be about him finding his super suit

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Fictitious Dishes | Dinah Fried

Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals is a book of 50 photographs of meals from literature—ranging from The Secret Garden to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, published by HarperCollins.

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Pushing Daisies (2007) || Hannibal (2013)

imagine if both columns belonged to the same show which progressively became darker and darker over the years

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asunstruckmind asked: How does the transition from residency to a "real" job work? Do hospitals court residents? Do residents court hospitals? Is it a random application process?


Ooh, the transition. I’m trying to figure out how that works right now. Around the end of your intern year, you’ll start getting a slow trickle of offers from recruiters. As you progress, they roll in faster. 

Do they court us? Do they court us?! 

They do indeed.


This is a screenshot from my personal e-mail inbox. I got all of these today. And there’s probably this many more in my work e-mail. See, there are recruiter companies out there that “do the hard work” for you and find you jobs that sound amazing but are generally in places no one really cares to work in. And once you sign your contract, they get a piece of your signing bonus. Not a good deal. I have no interest in these deals. The companies call you and ask you what area of the country you’re interested in (Southeast), and then they send you exactly ZERO offers in that area of the country. I mean geez, we got IL, WY, NY, TX, CA, AR, MA, OR, and some mystery places (which are probably North Dakota and Kansas or something). 

But to better answer your question, I’d say yes to everything. Hospitals like to recruit from within if they have good residents, or from the outside if they have no (or bad) residents. Our hospital tries to recruit pretty heavily from within. Pretty much every class has 1-2 people who stay within the system and another 2-3 who stay in about a 25 mile radius of here. 

Residents can also randomly apply to places or court other hospitals or offices. Most people apply in their hometowns or in cities they want to live in. There are so many options, especially in family medicine where you can work inpatient/outpatient/OB/no-OB/urgent care/ER/nursing home whatever. I’m sort of casting a wide net. I’m applying for a missionary job and I’ve talked to my hometown hospital system recruiter about outpatient/OB jobs and a hospitalist group so far. I’m not really sure where I want to practice or what kind of job I’m supposed to do yet. 

So basically, if a place likes you, they’ll offer you a contract. Then you get someone smarter than you to look over the contract and you decide if you want to take it. Luckily with the physician shortage, docs can pretty much find a job to suit any personality or lifestyle. 





I’d like to report a crime…


this man has a face like sunshine and a torso like hellfire

this is poetry

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Southeast Asia

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